The New iPhone Storage Device iDisk Out in the Market

It’s a great news for the phone addicts to know that UAE market came up with new support in increasing your phone lifetime. You don’t have to fed up with the “Low battery” messages or the not enough storage space messages because of the new iDisk storage device. The multiple advantages added to the device represent it as a bundle of features with the lighting, charging cable for the iPhone, iPads and many other. The greatest part of the device is the storage capability of the iDisk device is 32GB and 64GB which definitely a worth buying.

The 2 sides of the device have unique parts, one side with the lighting connector and the other side of the device have UDB 3.0. The rubber tabs of the device and the unique structure is very impressive. You can install the “iDisk Me” app into the device. It is not very much hard to use the app to access the videos, photos and other things made available in the home.

iDisk in Special Look

An iPhone storage solution

There are no limits on transferring the data between the devices. You can transfer the media from iPhone to iPad.You can also make use of several video formats like WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV. Along with the video versions, you can load movies, TV shows and other easily and watch on your phone.

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