Snapchat Spectacles (2016) Product Review

If you are tired of taking pictures and videos of your mobile phone and then updating on Snapchat, there is now a new way to add up to your excitement. Launched in 2016, the Snapchat Spectacles are stylish sunglasses with a built-in camera. This innovative release lets to capture Snaps or 10-second long videos which you see through your eyes in order to never miss a single great moment.

You can record multiple Snaps in a day and decide whether or not you want to update them to your Snapchat account. After 24 hours, all the Snaps of the previous day are automatically deleted. They can be connected to the Snapchat App in Android and iOS mobile devices. The glasses also feature a light which faces outwards and lets people know when you are recording.

The glasses are available in 3 colors- coral, teal, and black. They also come with a UV protection coating and are highly durable too. Most users have agreed that the glasses are pretty comfortable and easy to use. However, these glasses were first released in 2016 and Snapchat Inc. has probably discontinued them as Snapchat Spectacles 2018 is now released. If you are planning to buy Snapchat Spectacles, prefer the newer version as it is now easily available and is almost the same price as the 2016 version.

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