Review of Bhahubali – The Super Hit Movie of the Year

Who don’t know the name Bahubali? It is a movie that world looked out for the release. The part 1 of Bahubali came out and set the records in the industry at the same time left curiosity in the minds for the part2. Rajamouli took years to make part 2 but left them speaking about expected ways of Bahubali 2. The question why katappa killed Bahubali was the great suspense carries successfully throughout the movie.

bhahubali prabas

At last in 2019 Bahubali got released with high expectation and as expected part2 break down the barriers of industry in the form of collections and makings. The efforts that entire team kept for the movie gave them the name worldwide as the movie released in different countries in different languages. Anushka, Prabas, Ramya Krishna and many other artists worked in this movie. Now world recognizes Prabas because of the one movie that he did with the successful director Rajamouli.

Like never before the world knows a Telugu movie name and the artists. Rajamouli took care of everything which can make him the strongest player in the show and also continue his successful journey as a no failure director.

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