The Privacy policy of Reviewbulk discloses that the information, the data collected, how we use it  from the sources. The policies set are surely applicable to the online media properties and the usage of the data. The site Reviewbulk bound to the rules and clearly describes the way the data get collected.

Privacy Mission & Policy

Reviewbilk strongly limits to the right to access policy and if any reason we collect the information of our users we assure the users the information gathered will be used under the terms and conditions. All the information gathered will not be revealed to any third party or for any missuse.

Data Usage & Collection

Reviewbulk can collect the information of the users either in the way of registration or any other ways. Users who provide the information in any of the ways like content submission, postings, suggestions, contests and many other. The collected information can only be used for the internal objectives only. The access to the information may not limit to the internal access of feedback only.

We may also collect the information which is unprofessional that might be the information taken from the other sources of the information from the individual places where the information is taken from people directly.

Usage of Collected Information:

  1. The information that we have gathered will only be displayed on our site and the mobile app.
  2. Any information that we have or collected will only be used to serve any of our readers through our site
  3. We may also use the information available to improve the user experience and help us to understand how well the users able to get benefited with our services
  4. The products and the services made available here will be used to improve the performance of the website and will be used for working on promotions, contests and many more
  5. The details gathered also help people reach our users by updating them with the latest and most accurate offers


Reviwbulk will never let the third party use the information which users trust us and submit to us in any of the ays like submissions, registrations, forms, contest and many more.

Links to Other Sites:

You may find the links in the sites either to the sites, partners, sponsors or any other advertisers and Reviewbulk is not responsible for the privacy practices of the other sites that are added or linked here. The sites that are linked over there are completely responsible for what they publish and what they promote in their site with their own privacy policy.

For Children:

There is no special restriction on usage of our site Reviewbulk for the children because the information that we provide at our site will not harm or provoke anyone to go out of the box or don’t let anyone learn unethically. Reiewbulk will not personally collect the information and will not make it live out. In any case, you found such improper and effective content for the kids then we request you to drop a mail so that we can proceed ahead.

Change of Privacy:

Our team has complete right to update the privacy policy at any time without providing any prior information. If you would like to check for the changes and the modifications that we have done to the privacy policy then we suggest you to check for the policy changes and the updates. The effective date of update is also made available.