Pioneer DJ Launch New DJ Headphones

New DJ headphones are now made available in the market by Pioneer DJ with the name HDJ S7s. The most renowned DJs of the world helped to design the set in a great way keeping the factors like sounding with the utmost quality, most durable form factors which actually make people love to use all the way to enjoy the music. Th tomes and music formations will definitely be a treat for the music love to enjoy with this sets. The Pioneer DJ launch new dj headphones who especially spoke about this headset frequency and special factors as the sets maintain the range of 5Hz to 40kHz and definitely and collection that delivers the vibes in higher frequency.

Pioneer DJ Launch New DJ Headphones

The testing of the set to done for the higher frequency and made sure to give away that standard set of music headsets that actually set all the floor on rocking way. The headset is flexible to move and enjoy the music upto 45 degrees. The music headset that you can get here not only made sure take care of the needed things to give the best experience for the people but also the purchase of the set will provide you the 2 years warranty to get the set replaced after any problem or fails.

Let’s check for that exclusive headset collection from the online shopping portals and enjoy your music experience now.

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