New Jewelry Line in Market by KC Concepcion

You might be familiar with KC Concepcion, Yes she is the most known Filipino actress is now kept her secret love before everyone. Actress KC Concepcion finally got her passion and love that he has on jewelry to everyone. “Avec Moi” jewelry line first look she shared in the social media.

KC Concepcion shared her personal experience and also how her love towards jewelry developed exclusively while sharing the first look of the collection.  Many personal words that she shared with her, her family and how they especially improved the love towards family in the social profile.

KC Conception Exclusive Collection:

exclusive jewelry


She special made mention about the jewelry that planned and made it with her own interest. The signature of butterfly symbol is even carried in this jewelry collection that she shared in her posts. These words clearly show that it was a great experience for her to design such exclusive and her own thought designs. The design of necklaces, earrings and rings that she made with diamonds and white gold for personal use.

KC Concepcion Jewelry:

jewellery made with passion

jewellery collection

KC successfully launched it on the day March 20 remembering all her old memories and her grandmother who created that love for jewelry in her life.

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