New Inventions in Technical World

From products and technologies that have never been heard before to significantly improved versions of existing products, each New Year brings with it a lot of new technical inventions. If you are searching for the top technical inventions of 2018, our list of some of the most innovative products is for you.

From computer desktops, VPN routers, to headphones, this list of top inventions is made up of several day-to-day products.

1. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ review

If you are a gaming enthusiast and apart from your PlayStation or Xbox, use your computer for gaming too, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ gaming monitor is for you. With G-Sync HDR technology, improved color gamut, and low response time, the monitor is sure to further enhance your gaming experience.

2. Sony WI-SP500 Review

If you are a fitness freak and are looking for a wireless headphone, the recently launched Sony WI-SP500 can be a great choice. With impressive mids and highs, excellent battery life and a lightweight compact built, the headphone is sure to keep you motivated throughout your workouts.

3. DrayTek Vigor2926 review

Buyers looking for a feature-packed router for their home or office should consider buying DrayTek Vigor 2926 Dual WAN Security Router. The router features dual WAN ports, 5 Ethernet ports, and multiple USB ports to connect 3G/4G modem. With a reasonable price tag and super simple setup, you are sure to experience utmost performance with this router.

4. Silicon Power Bolt B10 512GB review

While Silicon Power is not yet a household name in the storage solutions industry, the new Bolt B10 512GB external SSD with its compact size and 3-years warranty is sure to make it popular. The pocket-sized SSD offers super quick performance through its USB 3.1 interface. With read and write speed of 400MB/s, it is sure to finish your data transfer operations in a jiffy.

If only the most innovative technical products are what you like, these are some of the products that deserve your attention in 2018. Go through their detailed review before buying to make a smart buying decision. Read some of the other posts on our website to know more about the latest inventions and gadgets that might tickle the geek in you.


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