Felfel Abyad Arabic Movie Comedy

Felfel Abyad, a movie that is very much apart to the regular stories and came up with the new storyline when compared with the nowadays stories. The story completely runs around the world of an old man.

Basically, the story starts from an old man who thinks about his death and worries about how his dearth going to be by remembering the things that he has done in the past. He gathers all those thoughts and the troubles he created in the people life.

Gaining those chaotic things that he did, he thinks about taking out all sins by meeting the people whom he suffered. This whole journey becomes more difficult when he starts meeting the people one by one and find each person.

Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 110 min

Release Date: 01 August 2019

Starring: Abdulla Zaid, Joma Ali, Dana Halby

Language: Arabic

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