eSalon Made for You Custom Hair Color Review

Heard about this latest custom hair color service by eSalon? As a brand, eSalon is known to constantly innovate and this new offering is as innovative as one could get. The eSalon Made for You Custom Hair Color is a personalized hair-dye kit which you can use at home to color your hair. Well, what is so innovative in this? The kit will be developed exclusively for you by a professional colorist based on your preferences and will be delivered to you. Amazing, right?

To get the custom color kit, you’ll first have to answer a few questions related to your skin tone, hair texture, dye schedule, color history, and also upload a picture of yourself. Depending on the picture and the answers, the colorist will develop a custom hair color kit for you. Ingredients like silk amino acids, aloe vera, wheat protein, and keratin are used for developing the color to ensure that your hair looks beautiful and healthy. Apart from the color bottle, the kit also comes with a stain remover, gloves, developer, and a color sealer. Depending on your preference, you also get to choose from permanent and non-permanent color.

Once you like the color delivered to you, you can then order the same color or ask the colorist to tweak it a little to get the best results. While there is no shortage of color options when it comes to your hair, this unique service from eSalon is one-of-a-kind. Apart from the custom color, there is also an extensive range of pre-developed colors to choose from. So, if you do not want to get into all the questions and stuff, one from this pre-developed range can be a great choice.


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