Dayra, an Egyptian fintech Review

Founder & CEO: Hesham Ghandour

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Sending money is always been a head breaking task for many and in which new apps and resources are trying to make things easier. Dayra is one of such platforms that is making online money transfer easy.

Though you wish to make daily transfers ir monthly payments, just opt an app Dayra that gets amazing easy services for the regular users. Mainly the transfer in Egypt are pretty easier for the people in the country.

Dayra is the most easiest way to deal with online transactions in egypt at a best way within just 20 seconds to anywhere. It is the fastest and cheapest way to deal and get the best services at the easiest way.

Security and Data storage

The sensitive data stored in the servers of Dayra. Access the online banking that gets a shape or form to grab the great and easiest services at  best price.

Dayra is also taking full protection of securing your online payment transfers as well. It asked you for your OTP in order to initialize the online payment as well.

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