Bharath Ane Nenu – Movie Review & Journey

It’s been a long time to see the movies which are based on the CM roles got released and once if you ask people to post such kind of movies then 1-day cm, leader and some of the other movies we can list easily. Now to break the records and to create the new records a new movie with a story that based on CM and his responsibilities towards the state.

The most popular price charming Mahesh babu played the lead role in the movie and many other well knew actors and actresses acted in this movie. The story goes something like Mahesh babus father establishes a political party and works hard for the party name in the meantime his wife expires due to which he marries to another woman. Later hearo Bharath goes to states to stay with her aunt family and comes after years to her when his father dies. The story goes on like this and begins how he made to take Cm position and he stood against many situations to do good for people.

After long gap movie, Bharath ane nenu gave a great success to Mahesh Babu and team. As per the records the movie made around 200 crores till the day and running theaters till the day successfully.

Mahesh and movie cast and crew celebrated the success of the movie. In Mahesh career, Bharath ane nenu is another milestone after Pokiri. Hope his jounery goes with same record-breaking movies.

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