Best of Santorini that You Must Visit

The colorful cliffs, scenic sunsets and celebrated lights of Santorini in Greece have been embraced by visitors all over the world. While a 16th-century volcanic eruption devastated the island around the 16th century, the devastation has given it its world-renowned rugged landscape. The cubiform, whitewashed houses in the area cling on to the cliffs above a crater, making it one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. These houses overlook several small islands and beaches which are well-known for their beautiful red, white and black lava pebbles.

Walk along the Nea Kameni volcano, enjoy a spa in Aegean Sea, stroll through the Oia and Fira towns, swim along with nature and experience the most beautiful sunsets, Santorini is sure to give you several memories that you can embrace throughout your life. If you are a wine lover, close to the Oia town is Finikia which is home to several old wineries.  If you love water adventures, how about scuba diving in the volcanic waters? Cape Tripiti, Palia Kameni, and Mesa Pigadia are some of the places where you can enjoy this activity.

Santorini has a Mediterranean type of climate where the winters are rainy and mild and the summers are sunny and warm. If you want to enjoy a beach holiday in Santorini, June to September is the best period. The temperatures are also very pleasant between September and October. But as the weather can sometimes be uneven, it’d be great if you carry a coat or at least a sweatshirt between these months.

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