Aspect Biosystems, a Canadian Biotech Startup Review

Startup: Aspect Biosystems

Category: Canadian biotech startup

Founded On: 2013

CEO: Tamer Mohamed


Aspect Biosystems founde in the year 2013 by  Tamer Mohamed, Konrad Walus, Sam Wadsworth, and Simon Beyer. It is a known canadian platform now that is mastering in microfludics and 3d bioprinting. Their medical research includes to create living tissues of human. therapeutic discovery and many medicine products.

This startup is always worked with it’s global partners getting creative values and adding more transforming medical research in the work they stick to. Aspect Biosystems even working on getting partnered with the academic solutions and biopharma companies.

The team is continuously working regenerative medicine focusing mainly on metabolic diseases and disorders.  amer Mohamed, CEO, Aspect Biosystems even concluded about the new potential transformations that are going to be a part of their research.

The Aspect works are advanced and stick to add advancements with internal program with the discovery ecosystem and commercial partnerships.



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