Apple is Opting OLED Screens in New iPhones

You might have heard about the OLED screens and might have seen it got used in some very specific places but yes, you are going to see it in your hand very soon. Apple Inc the most famous mobile manufacturing company is now coming up with a new thought of using OLED screen for 3 lined up iPhone models.

OLED production is now in rise in South Korean areas which certainly a supporting factor for opting OLED screens. The recent iPhone plan can also have an organic light emitting diodes is the news released by the sources. From 2019, Japan display planning to mass produce the OLED panels. Very soon, Apple will update it’s versions with new screens.

iphone in oled screens

It is also expected in the market that if Apply works on this and opt OLED screens then it could actually give hopes for the LG Display. Should have to wait and see the upcoming changes that Apple going to get for iPhones.

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